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Aisha Ashraf


An Irish emigrant twice over I'm a writer of memoir & creative non-fiction whose thoughts on expat life & mental health have found their way into newspapers, books & Kindle guides.

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The Huffington Post United Kingdom

Will I Ever Be Accepted Into My Husband's Culture?

Culture can be captivating and deadly – like a Venus Fly-Trap. You may be screaming to break free of it or banging on the door to be admitted. I’ve been both...

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Global Living Magazine

Culture Crescendo

You'd be forgiven for thinking Toronto goes into hibernation as the temperature drops, but nothing could be further from the truth - it blazes with a conflagration of cultural events that brighten even the darkest days of winter...

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Global Living Magazine

Ob(liv)iously European

"I’d never realized before but that thing Canadians in particular hate so much? That lumping together of everyone who lives on the landmass known as North America? They do the exact same thing to those who live in Europe."

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Black Dog Tribe

Coming In From The Cold

Aisha tells us how she transformed her life. Her story is truly inspirational and shows that even after years of pain and struggling, there is hope to come out of the cold and pull through.

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Global Living Magazine

Can You Feel The Love - A Canadian Valentine : Global Living Magazine

A British expat discovers Canada’s uplifting approach to Valentine’s Day.

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Living with Borderline Personality Disorder - Expatlog | Expatlog

Living with Borderline Personality Disorder - Expat...

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Childhood Is A Foreign Country - Expatlog

“The Past is a foreign country: they do things diff...

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I'm a Muslim, but I won't wear the niqab | Mumsnet Discussion

Over the last month the niqab, or full-face veil, h...

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Most people view culture through the kaleidoscopic prism of travel and tourism: the exotic, glittering differences that sear the senses – few see its other side; the restrictive, controlling, imprisoning aspect, a grid reference for life and living, a means of imposing sameness.

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The Born-Again Expat - Aisha Isabel Ashraf - Columnists ...

I’ve often said becoming an expat is the closest you can get to experiencing life from the uncluttered perspective of a baby – if, and it’s a BIG “if”, you can detach yourself from...

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Global Living Magazine

There's no 'T' in Canada

The first few days in another country remain in the memory with the permanence of a tombstone epitaph. Events become embroidered in the re-telling, much as lichen prettifies the stone, but the message beneath is unchanged. My first cup of tea in Canada was one such memorable experience – for all the wrong reasons…

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Unexpected Benefits | Expatlog

Expat life can be rewarding in so many ways, but it never crossed my husband's mind that it would bring him the opportunity to grace the pages of a glossy magazine...

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Global Living Magazine

5 Secrets of Successful Relocation

“Certainty of death. Small chance of success. What are we waiting for?”
Gimli, in Lord of the Rings, would have made a great expat – adventurous, well informed and enthusiastic. While certainty of death definitely wasn’t a feature of expat life when I signed up for it, the odds of a successful relocation have long been an issue for expats and employers alike.

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Global Living Magazine

Driving Abroad - Facing the fear

I've always loved cars and driving but a move from the UK to Canada replaced my usual adrenaline rush with a downward spiral of dread...